Pegacorns' Paradise

Hi guys, its Fiona. Trying to be positive when I'm not even a positive person, Positive? Nah, I like being myself -- kinda aggressive and sorta depresses; Being dead fearless and awesome. Honesty and loyalty are my lead. Fuck bullies and peer pressures. Stay strong? Yea, not everyone can, but I'm proud that at least I've tried. I cut myself sometimes, but the physical pain can reduce my mental pain. I love travelling, photography, reading, learning, art, literature, music, horse riding, soccer and many other stuff. I speaks English, Cantonese, some Mandarin, and learning Portuguese. I ship a lot of stuffs. @onaeuropa and @princesadevidro are my art account and photography account on Instagram, check me out !! Plz feel free to follow me, love ya, xx.